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Presented by Bold Growth Agency

The Successful Women's Mastermind is a invite only community dedicated to supporting NC women in business. Our program is designed to help women entrepreneurs secure, sustain, and grow their businesses by providing expert business development, business matchmaking, and supportive workshops and events specifically tailored to government and corporate contract opportunities.

Our Masterminds Include

Business Development

Our program offers expert guidance and support to help women entrepreneurs develop their business plans, marketing strategies, financial management, and other critical aspects of running a successful business.

Business Matchmaking

The program connects women entrepreneurs with potential partners, clients, and investors to help them expand their business networks and identify new opportunities for growth.

 Supportive Workshops and Resources

The program offers a series of workshops and training sessions focused on building skills and knowledge around key business topics, such as government and corporate contracting, marketing, financial management, and more.


Women Colleagues
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