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Headshots and Business Opportunities 


Headshots and Business Opportunities is a workshop aimed at aiding minority-owned companies in learning about contracting opportunities and how to conduct business with our presenting sponsors and panelists. The workshop's objective is to provide a guided networking experience that creates strategic awareness of business opportunities in the government and corporate space.


During the workshop, attendees engaged with a panel of experts who shared their knowledge and experiences. The panelists provided insights on how to navigate the contracting process and build successful business relationships with potential partners.


In addition to the panel discussion, attendees also had a chance to participate in a headshot session. This provided attendees with professional headshots that they are using for their business profiles and marketing materials.


Our attendees gained valuable insights into how to identify and pursue business opportunities, as well as how to build successful business relationships. The workshop was a success, and our attendees left with a better understanding of how to grow their businesses.

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